We at Alliance Legal are training consultants.

We conduct in - house and external trainings for legal departments of companies and corporations.

We have conducted trainings for in - house and external solicitors  to  Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation with high level faculties for three consecutive years 2017 ,2018 and 2019. Some of the impactful discourses we have organized  include :

  • Priority Ranking  Under  the  Banking  and  Other Financial Institutions Act, 2004  A review of the case   of  First  Bank  of  Nigeria  Plc  vs  Nigeria  Deposit  Insurance.
  • Receivership regime in Nigeria: Application and Scope.
  • Salient features of the Failed Banks Act that facilitate speedy debt recovery.
  • The impact of S.414 and S.417 of CAMA on Failed Banks.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution in Debt Recovery and Bank Liquidation.
  • Receivership : Roles ,duties and responsibilities.
  • Debt recovery under the Failed Banks (Recovery of Debts) And Financial Malpractice in Banks Act.
  • Basics of risk management in contract documentation.
  • Updates in Legal Practice: Procedure evidence and case management.
  • In house criminal prosecution: Frame work, Prospects and Challenges.