Litigation and Arbitration

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Our practice does not just advice to avoid disputes, but in instances where disputes become inevitable, we are well primed to represent in courts, in defence or prosecution of our clients’ favorable positions. We have experienced arbitrators in our firm who advice and attend to arbitration and mediation proceedings from time to time both as arbitrators or counsel in arbitral proceedings.

We practice in all the states of Nigeria and in all the hierarchy of the Nigerian legal system from the Magistrate courts to the Supreme Court.

We offer comparative law support to our clients where litigation spills into other jurisdictions.

Our debt recovery record is particularly impressive as we have by litigation recovered multi-billion naira and multi- million dollar debts for our clients both at State and Federal High Courts.

We consciously make prior analysis of the eventual profit of our client in any prospective litigation. We are motivated by the desire to obtain the easiest, quickest and most realistic resolutions of our clients’ business or personal needs.

As a client focused practice, we do not hesitate to collaborate with colleagues who are equally active and result oriented in areas of service delivery to our client once we adjudge collaboration as the most effective means of achieving clients’ goals.